During our 2-week camp experience, we teach youth from around the world entrepreneurship skills and mindsets that equip and prepare them to launch ventures with purpose! Our BIZNOVATOR Camp is located on an internationally recognized University Campus in Miami, Florida. Throughout this training program we focus on the core principles of entrepreneurship, social innovation, advanced leadership and empowerment. We enable young people to view entrepreneurship as a platform for positive social impact. This raises their awareness of the potential to live an independent and purpose filled life. We empower youth to understand and believe that success and happiness are achievable.

Beyond our mission to empower, teach and create young entrepreneurs, BIZNOVATOR entrepreneurial camps allocate significant time to reviewing the 7 Mindset training, an internationally acclaimed model that teaches simple principles to young people that increase extraordinary levels of happiness, meaning, and success in life. In addition, our BIZNOVATOR youth tour major corporations including CISCO Systems, WIX, Starbucks, Newlink, Federal Reserve learning from top executives the skillsets and life lessons that will help shape a purpose driven mindset.

BIZNOVATOR Camp will provide a FUN and safe environment where youth will grow in knowledge, confidence and come away with a transformed mindset putting them on the path towards future success. As a result of participating in the BIZNOVATOR Camp, participants will gain the skills to launch their own business or develop social innovation strategies while establishing lifelong leadership Skills.