This program is specifically designed to bring value to the “employee family unit” through a unique Employee Incentive Program (EIP). As corporations know all too well, there is no more valuable asset than your human capital that has been developed and nurtured within your company. BIZNOVATOR recognizes the gaps that exist within traditional corporations and their ability to maintain and grow their best employees. We understand the need for more programs that are focused on the entire “employee family unit” and how this approach builds strong loyalty and higher employee retention rates. In addition, we understand that the generation gap between Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X are significant. It is imperative for corporations to become more mindful and committed to developing the next generation workforce at an even younger age while bringing tremendous value to your employees families. Given this backdrop, BIZNOVATOR has developed the BIZNOVATOR EIP program specifically designed to empower employees children between ages 8-20. We bring our world class programs to your corporation for your employee’s children to become empowered in the principles of entrepreneurship, social innovation and leadership. Our programs are customizable to meet a corporation’s specific needs and are developed in collaboration with our partners.