At BIZNOVATOR we have chosen to align our programs and our experiential learning methodology with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). We know that now more than ever the world needs more mindful companies who prioritize sustainability as a key driver in helping them meet their business objectives. Governments, citizens and most importantly, the next generation workforce prioritize sustainability as a key enabler for societal progress and an equitable future for all. These are macro forces that are global in nature and will only continue to gain momentum. For this reason, BIZNOVATOR has developed our BIZNOVATOR CSR COMMUNITY Program that enables corporations to directly map to the UN SDG’s while making a real-world impact through youth empowerment in the communities in which they operate.

Our program includes the complete DISCOVER, TRANSFORM, CONNECT experiential learning methodology. In order for today’s youth to successfully meet their future potential in a rapidly changing global marketplace they require early exposure to a broad range of teachings and skillsets. These are the skillsets that the worlds’ most successful business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs, possess and exhibit on a daily basis. These include; advanced leadership, decision-making, communications, team building, financial and strategic planning.

The BIZNOVATOR CSR Community Program is completely customizable and developed in a collaborative approach with our corporate partners. We have seen amazing results with our young people and see the need for even more corporations to commit to developing human capital at an even earlier age.