Ruth Baez

Ruth Baez is an experienced Graphic Designer with a BA in Advertising Communication. Some of her many specialties include certifications in Business Internal Communications and Creative Problem Solving from the Creative Education Foundation, as well as a consultancy in the «Lean Startup» Entrepreneurship Methodology.

Ruth has more than 10 years of experience providing growth support and training to domestic and multinational organizations, corporations and small businesses. One of Ruth’s passion is working in youth empowerment programs, including the Casimiro Global Foundation, Service for Peace, 7 Mindsets and BIZNOVATOR, all of these provided services globally.

In 2015 she received an internationally recognized training certification from the Quantum Learning Methodology for Students (QLN). In her line of diverse work, the QLN has allowed her to be part of a national youth project sponsored by USAID in her hometown of Dominican Republic. Ruth Baez is highly driven to be a continuous learner that uses her creative and artistic abilities to inspire and empower others.