We are a 1 week and / or 2 week program that uses an experiential learning methodology that allows youth (ages 8-20) to learn firsthand, entrepreneurship, social innovation and global leadership. Through a series of activities, corporate tours, research and interactive lessons, students leave with a more focused idea about their future and success path.

  • Increased knowledge of business start-up.
  • Ability to meet and create lasting friendships with international students.
  • Identifying a need in their community or the world and coming up with an idea that can fulfill the need or demand.
  • Improved public speaking skills.
  • Discovering their purpose in life and passion.

Ages 8-12, 13-15 and 16-20.

  • 2 Week Camp Commuter: $2,850.00.
  • 2 Camp Week Residential $3,750.00.

There are installment payment options online and special rates for siblings.

Each of our camps are listed on our website. Our summer camps can be delivered at universities, schools, corporations, faith based facilities, etc. .

Absolutely! Our agenda is action packed and structured in a way to provide fun, interactive activities that also teach valuable life lessons. We are experiential based learning; exploratory and FUN. We provide lots of team dynamics and competitions that improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our camps take place in multiple cities in the USA and in several countries around the world.

Yes, English is required for all the US based camps. ESL 2 and beyond will do well in our camps. For additional fees we can assign a translator for a particular student. BIZNOVATOR has bilingual instructors (English and Spanish).

Yes, 70% of our staff are fully bilingual.

Yes, only at the orientation, business plan presentations and the awards ceremony. In addition, we live stream many of the daily lessons and activities so parents can participate online.

If under 16 or 18 depending in which country, yes. This can be obtained by calling your local embassy if traveling from outside the United States.

Absolutely, our camps are all designed to be operated globally. We have delivered programs in more than 30 countries.

No, this must be paid separately and arranged by the parent or institution responsible.

Seasoned professionals; each having more than 15 years working as educators, coaches and youth developers. All are Certified BIZNOVATOR Trainers and have been working under BIZNOVATOR’s Founder and Master Trainer, Juan Pablo Casimiro.

  • 1 Week Camp includes continental breakfast, lunch and snack at the location of the camp.
  • 2 Week Camp Commuter: includes breakfast and lunch at the University cafeteria (20 meals total).
  • 2 Week Camp Residential: includes all meals daily (50 meals).

Casual summer clothing (jeans, shorts, polo shirts, T-shirt’s, 2 dress shirts and 2 dress slacks and 1 professional attire outfit “suit” for awards ceremony) + bathing suit, 1 beach towel, sun lotion, sunglasses, hygienic needs, laptop computer, passport. All linens/bedding are provided.

This is not permitted. Arrangements can be made for the parent, or an authorized family member to receive your child before the camp start date or after camp adjourns.

During all camps we will have a First Aid certified professional and for the 2 Week BIZNOVATOR Camp, a clinic and hospital are available on campus if needed.

Yes, a trip to a mall is always programmed into the agenda during the BIZNOVATOR Camp 2 Week model.

There are some advantages for traveling in groups; students can get to know more about each other before arriving to the BIZNOVATOR Camp. For first time travelers they’ll feel more comfortable traveling in a group.

It’s highly recommended that students bring with them a laptop computer.

Post BIZNOVATOR Camp experiences include follow-up support, coaching, MyBIZNOVATOR on-line courses, BIZNOVATOR newsletter, weekly blogs on www.biznovator.com .

Absolutely not! In fact, we encourage all students to participate in our camp to learn these skills sets. It is important for participants to join us to; Discover their purpose, Transform their mindsets and Connect to their future!

Before deciding to attend the BIZNOVATOR Camp we ask all students and parents to visit our www.biznovator.com site; interview BIZNOVATOR alumni and their parents. Our team of trainers and the founder of BIZNOVATOR are always available to answer any questions you may have.

  • Public Speaking
  • Negotiations
  • Team Building
  • Self Advocacy
  • Business and Life Planning
  • Leadership
  • Mindset Shifting
  • Time Management
  • Social Media Development
  • Critical / Analytical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • College Readiness